How Can Zone Controlled Heating Benefit Me?


Are you looking for a way to take greater control than ever before of your forced air heating system? Then you should give some serious thought to the installation of a zone control system. With a zone control system, you can set different temperatures in different areas of your home, which can benefit you in numerous ways. We’ll detail a few of those benefits below. Just remember that a zone control system, like any other part of your HVAC system at large, must be expertly installed and serviced. You need only contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to ensure that you are working with a skilled HVAC technician. 

How Does Zone Control Work?

Zone control is a rather ingenious way of controlling one’s HVAC system in a more disciplined manner. The system itself consists of a series of motorized dampers, which are wired into a central control panel, as well as multiple thermostats, which are also wired into this control panel. You can set different temperatures at different thermostats, and there is a thermostat installed in each zone. When you adjust the temperature in a zone, the necessary dampers adjust accordingly, allowing more or less heated air to enter that zone.

Benefits of Zone Controlled Heating

One of the greatest benefits of zone control is the obvious matter of maintaining different temperatures in different areas of one’s home. First of all, there may be areas in your home that you do not use that frequently. If this is the case, then you really don’t need to maintain the same level of comfort therein. Additionally, you know that not everyone in your home is guaranteed to be comfortable at the same temperature. Why, then, keep your entire house at one consistent temperature, compromising certain residents’ comfort? Finally, you can heat your house more thoughtfully, allowing you to do so in a more affordable manner. Give us a call to have a zone control system expertly installed in your home.

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