Have You Considered Upgrading Your Thermostat This Winter?

person adjusting a digital thermostat

Hopefully, you’ve already replaced a failing heater or scheduled your routine heating maintenance at this point. We may not yet be embroiled in the coldest weather of the year, but we will be before much more time has passed. With that in mind, you really need to know that your heating system is going to be there for you in the months that lie ahead. Even if you don’t need to replace your heater, though, and even if you have already had your system thoroughly inspected and tuned up by a qualified maintenance technician, you may want to consider upgrading your thermostat. Doing so can result in many great benefits, so call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today (919) 887-9680 to get started.

person adjusting a digital thermostat

Ease of Use

We won’t deny that old, manual thermostats, such as a slide or dial models, are simple to use. In truth, though, they are not all that easy to set accurately. The numbers that you think you are setting your thermostat to can be off by a few degrees when compared to the actual setting. You can keep things simple while enjoying a more accurate temperature setting by upgrading to a basic digital thermostat.

Convenient Operation

Have you ever left the driveway, only to turn around after a few blocks in order to alter your thermostat settings, having forgotten to do so before leaving the house? Are you sick of coming home and having to wait for the house to warm up in the winter? With a programmable thermostat, you can set up heating and cooling programs that are custom-fitted to your comings and goings. This allows you to live in greater comfort, with much greater convenience.

Energy Savings

All upgraded thermostats can help you to save energy, whether with more accurate settings or programmability options. However, the smart thermostat is ideal for homeowners really looking to take hold of the ways in which energy is used in their homes. Contact us today to discuss the incorporation of smart technology into your HVAC system.

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