Why Heat Your Home with a Heat Pump?

We install and service a lot of different heating systems, and we take the time necessary to ensure that every one of our clients winds up with the ideal heater for his or her particular needs and user preferences. Since we’ve got your attention, let us tell you about an option that you may not have considered quite yet, but which could benefit you greatly: the heat pump. Over the years, residential heat pumps have grown more and more popular. As you’ll see below, there are many good reasons for this. If you think that you’d like to heat your home with a heat pump in Apex, NC, just give us a call. Ideal Services Heating & Cooling will ensure that your system is installed and serviced properly. 


The biggest selling point of the heat pump is the fact that it is capable of heating homes with truly great efficiency. To understand why this is, you must first have a basic understanding of the way in which a heat pump operates. These systems do not combust a fuel in order to generate heat, in the manner of a gas furnace or oil boiler, nor is electric resistance used in order to do so. Instead, the heat pump uses a refrigerant cycle in order to absorb heat from the air outdoors. There is always some heat in the air, even when it is cold out, after all. The heat pump then compresses the warmed refrigerant in order to increase its thermal energy further, at which point that heat is used to warm air for distribution throughout the house. All that the system requires is a small amount of electricity to accomplish this.


Another great benefit of using a heat pump to heat your home is that you can simply reverse its operation for use in the summer. The heat pump will then remove heat from the air in your home, vent it outdoors, and redistribute the cooled air throughout your house. This means that you can enjoy great, year round comfort, all with the use of a single, convenient system. Contact us today if this sounds like a heating method you’d be interested in pursuing.

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