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What Exactly Is a Zone Control System?

If you, like so many other homeowners, have done even preliminary research into the ways in which you can boost energy efficiency when heating or cooling your home, you have likely come across the phrase “zone control” at some point. If not, it is definitely something worth looking into. There are many ways in which you may go about making your home a more efficient place to live. However, a zone control system benefits you not only in terms of efficiency, but also by helping you to live more comfortably, even as you do so more affordably. Of course, you’ll only reap the full benefits of your zone control system in Raleigh, NC if you schedule service with trained professionals. When you work with us, this is guaranteed to be the case.

How Does a Zone Control System Work?

A zone control system is a collection of components which are installed into a ducted HVAC system. A central control panel is installed, and electronically controlled dampers are wired into this panel. These dampers are capable of both opening and closing as needed. They take their cues for doing so from multiple thermostats installed throughout the home, one in each designated temperature zone therein. When you adjust any one of those thermostats, you are regulating the temperature within that particular zone. The corresponding damper(s) will open or close as needed, allowing for that set temperature to be met and maintained.

How This Benefits You

You wouldn’t turn on every light in your house so that you could read in bed before turning in for the night, right? Why, then, would you choose to heat or cool every area of your home to the same temperature? A zone control system allows you to cut down on energy waste by heating and cooling only those areas of your home that you want to, and only as much as you want to. Plus, because all people are comfortable at different temperatures, this is a great way to ensure that everyone in your home is able to live comfortably. Contact us to get started, and take greater control over your HVAC system.