Are Zone Control Systems Worth It?


There are now more ways than ever before in which to cool one’s home. There is certainly no shortage of air conditioning systems on the market, and those systems can often be further upgraded in order to get an even better cooling performance from them. The zone control system is one of the most common AC upgrades. Like any other air conditioning system or supplemental upgrades, a zone control system may not fit every homeowner’s cooling habits and usage preferences perfectly. If you are interested in taking more control over the way in which you cool – as well as heat – your home, though, then such an upgrade is well worth your consideration. Contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today for more information or to schedule service. 

What Is a Zone Control System?

A zone control system is fairly simple in theory. When you use air ducts in order to distribute heated and/or cooled air throughout your home, those air ducts will generally distribute that conditioned air throughout the house evenly. However, we all know that there are different areas in our homes that are in use more frequently than others, and you may even have rooms in your home which are rarely occupied. With that in mind, cooling or heating your entire house to one set temperature doesn’t really make all that much sense.

With a zone control system, though, your home is broken up into separate temperature zones. Each zone is controlled by its own thermostat, meaning that you can maintain different temperatures in different areas of your living space. Electronic dampers are installed into the air ducts themselves, which will regulate the flow of air throughout the distribution system. Both the thermostats and the dampers are wired into a central control panel.

Benefits of Zone Control Systems

By cooling or heating only those areas of your home that you want to, and only to the degree that you’d like to, you can cut down on energy costs without compromising your comfort. Remember too that different members of your family are likely comfortable at different temperatures. This means that you can utilize a zone control system to keep different individuals comfortable and happy. Plus, you can even take some strain off of your system, cutting down on the wear and tear that it suffers. To learn more about zone control systems, contact a member of our staff today.

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