What Makes a Heat Pump a Good Cooling Option?

Now more than ever, homeowners really have their choice of ways in which to cool their homes throughout the hottest time of the year. Living in Raleigh means that you must choose your air conditioner wisely. There are a lot of hot summer days ahead, and you must be able to cool your home in both an effective and efficient manner. A heat pump is an option that more and more people are jumping on, and it is not hard to understand why. Consider the information below, and you may just determine that a heat pump is the ideal cooling system for your needs. If you decide to use a heat pump in your home, contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling for the outstanding services that your system needs to succeed.

How Does a Heat Pump Cool a Home?

A heat pump actually works in much the same way as a traditional split central air conditioning system. An indoor coil absorbs heat from the air in your home, with the refrigerant within that coil facilitating the process. The hot refrigerant then travels through the system to the outdoor unit, with the coil outside venting the heat from the refrigerant to the even hotter air outdoors. The air-cooled in this heat transfer process is then distributed throughout your home via a system of air ducts, a very effective means by which to cool an entire household effectively and conveniently. This cooling cycle is then simply repeated until the desired temperature is attained within your home, and will start again when the temperature therein rises back up above the set temperature.

Benefits of Using a Heat Pump

A heat pump is a highly efficient piece of cooling equipment, but there are also very efficient split cooling systems that homeowners may also use to keep their homes comfortable during the summer season. What sets a heat pump apart from the pack is the fact that it offers year-round comfort in one convenient package, with its heating mode offering truly superior efficiency when compared to other heating options. A reversing valve in the heat pump allows for it to reverse its refrigerant cycle. This means that, during the colder time of the year, the system can absorb heat from the air outside, rather than from within one’s home. The warmed refrigerant is further compressed, resulting in high temperatures, and is then let loose via the indoor coil. The heat from the refrigerant, largely originating outdoors, is then used to heat the house. Again, the process is repeated until the desired temperature is met, and you are able to heat your house with the same system you use to cool it in the summer. Only a small amount of electricity is used in the process.

If you want to cool your home effectively via a ducted, forced air distribution-based cooling system, while using that very same system in order to efficiently heat your home during the winter, then a heat pump may be right for you. Call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to schedule service today. We’ll make sure that your heat pump is capable of meeting your year-round comfort needs.

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