Reasons to Consider Installing a Gas Furnace

The most common heating installation found in the U.S. is the gas furnace, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only type of heating system you have to choose from. New technology brings us a couple of other options for central heating, including heat pumps—an air conditioning and heating system in one—or radiant heating systems, which use a piping system to move hot water into the various rooms of the home. But as long as you have a functioning set of ducts in the home, a furnace may be your best bet.

If you’ve had a gas furnace in the past and have concerns about the way these systems operate, don’t worry. Today’s furnaces are built with technology that makes these some of the most long-lasting, efficient systems you can have in your home.


The gas furnace is by no means a new technology, and there’s a good reason it has stuck around as long as it has. Gas furnaces are frequently improved by manufacturing companies so that the technology stands up to time and requires fewer and fewer repairs. Gas furnaces may go years without any problems, so long as they are installed properly and receive the recommended care and maintenance (which usually means annual visits from a technician and regular filter changes).


One of the preconceived ideas people often have about furnaces is that they may not be very efficient. Long ago, furnaces were manufactured to run via a standing gas pilot, which means that a pilot light had to remain on at all times so that heat was available when needed. However, this meant that gas furnaces consumed quite a bit of energy, costing homeowners a good chunk of money as well. Today, electronic ignition systems make it so that furnaces only light up when heat is called for in the home.


Finally, today’s gas furnaces are safer than they’ve ever been. A couple of important safety features include the furnace limit switch, which keeps it from overheating, and the air pressure switch, which helps to ensure that all combustion gases vent safely outdoors.

And one final reason to schedule gas heating installation in Fuquay Varina?

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