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Services You May Need for Your Ductwork

Your ductwork is the super-highway by which your heating and air conditioning travel to your living spaces. While it is made to durable, this durability doesn’t mean you can’t experience problems or the need to simply maintain your ductwork. You also may need ductwork fabrication, particularly if you add an expansion to your home or build a new house. When ductwork isn’t installed or repaired correctly, you can have a number of problems on your hands, which is why it’s always important to hire professionals for any services you may need in Apex. Here are the ductwork services Ideal Services Heating & Cooling can provide for you:

Duct Sealing

Ducts can develop holes, cracks and disconnections that lead to significant air loss. Professional duct sealing entails using a fibrous adhesive called mastic to create a hard, long-lasting seal that helps to reduce or even eliminate the air loss created by the cracks, holes and disconnections in your ductwork system. Duct sealing goes far beyond putting a piece of duct tape on your ductwork and should always be performed by a trained expert.

Duct Repair and Replacement

Sometimes the damage to parts of your ductwork is extensive enough that repair or replacement is required. Dents, breaks and collapsed sections are typically beyond duct sealing, and a trained professional will know whether or not the problem section can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Customized Ductwork

Duct fabrication takes knowledge, skill and know-how, and with our own in-house fabrication service, our technicians can create a duct system or replacement that will perform for years to come. Our technicians know how to correctly size any system and can make sure it is fabricated to the exact specifications needed to make your HVAC system efficient.

Problems with your ducts in Apex can cause issues with energy efficiency, stress on your system and poor indoor air quality .

With professional duct services from Ideal Services Heating & Cooling, you can keep your ductwork healthy and maintained.