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Water Heater Repair FAQ: Can My Rusted Unit Be Repaired?


When there’s a rust stain on your bathtub, in the kitchen sink, or even on your clothes, you may be able to remove the stain with specialized cleaning agents and a little bit of elbow grease. But when rust appears on a metal surface, the solution is not so easy. Unfortunately, if rust forms on your water heater, there may be no easy way to correct the problem. A rusted water heater tank generally needs replacement. However, if only a small component has rusted, you may still have time to call a technician for water heater repair . So when is rust a death sentence for your unit?

When It’s Time to Say Goodbye to Your Rusted Water Heater

You turn on a hot water tap in your home only to discover rust-colored flakes have invaded your bathtub. This can be quite an ordeal for the average homeowner, as it often means your older water heater simply cannot go on any longer. Unfortunately, when rust begins to build up in a tank, the iron oxide reaction that takes place can cause the tank to corrode. This means that water can leak into your home, requiring cleanup and removal which will be a far more difficult situation than a standard replacement. When you notice rust on the outside of your unit, or if a technician confirms that the inside is beginning to rust, it’s most likely time for a replacement.

When a Water Heater Is Still Salvageable

However, there is a component inside of your water heater that is meant to help your storage tank water heater resist rust throughout its lifespan. This component is called the anode rod and is sometimes affectionately deemed the sacrificial anode rod. This part is meant to attract the corrosive elements that cause a tank to rust in the first place. A technician can easily remove and replace the anode rod if the rust from your faucet is simply present because the anode rod has rusted through. Additionally, it may be possible to replace other small parts of your water heater if only those have begun to rust.

Don’t panic when you notice rust from your faucets during a hot shower. We’ll give you an honest assessment of the condition of your water heater and recommend replacement only when necessary.

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