Some Reasons for Strange Noises from Your Water Heater

Your storage tank water heater helps you perform the tasks you need every day, including washing dishes, cleaning floors, showering, laundry, and even simply washing your hands. So if your water heater suddenly stops producing hot water, you’re in for an unpleasant surprise. That’s why you should call a technician when you notice any unusual performance from your water heater such as reduced heating, discolored water, or strange noises.

In today’s post, we would like to help you identify strange noises from your water heater with this guide. When you need experienced professionals for water heater repair in Apex, NC, call the experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling.

  • Water drips onto the burner. You may hear a sizzling sound from your water heater if water outside of your unit drips onto the burner. This can cause some reduced heat as water may be unable to heat up fast enough with an impaired burner. This issue could just be due to some condensation forming outside of the tank. However, a professional can determine whether there are leaks in your tank, and if this is due to damaging corrosion.
  • Sediment rumbles in the tank. Hard water is a condition in many homes in which the water has a high concentration of minerals containing magnesium or calcium. This may not cause problems for your health but it could affect pipes and fixtures such as the water heater. Sediment gathers and rumbles around in the tank, leading you to hear clanking noises, and this sediment may even clog the pipes. A professional can drain the tank properly and assess your unit for further damage.
  • The pressure in the tank is too high. The pressure relief valve helps to monitor and regulate the temperature inside of the tank, which should be kept within a certain range at all times. If water is leaking from the pressure relief valve or if you hear the sound of rushing water within the tank, it may mean that you need to replace the valve. Alternatively, it could mean that scale inside the tank has increased the pressure, and this sometimes leads to water heater replacement.

One way to prevent these problems from occurring is by scheduling regular maintenance with a technician. A technician can clean, inspect, and adjust components of your unit to keep everything working in an ideal condition.

For professional water heater repair in Apex, NC, call the friendly folks at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling today! You’ll be glad you did. 

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