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The Compressor and Air Conditioning Repair

Your air conditioner works hard to keep you cool year-in and year-out. Unfortunately, that means that the parts of your air conditioner will develop wear and tear, which may lead to the need for air conditioning repair. One of the most important components of your air conditioner is the compressor, without which your air conditioner would not be able to operate. It’s important to do everything in your power to protect the compressor, so we’ll talk about the role of this part, as well as what to do if your system is in need of air conditioning repair.

In order for an AC to remove heat from the air in your home, refrigerant must flow through the air conditioning system, removing heat and releasing it outdoors. However, it must go through several phase changes in order to do so, and one of these occurs at the compressor. Refrigerant enters the compressor as a low-pressure gas, but there must be increased pressure in order for it to travel through the rest of the system. The compressor adds an immense amount of both heat and pressure so that refrigerant can continue making its way through your system.

Because this component takes on so much responsibility, it’s understandable that you may run into air conditioning repair problems over time. The gas must be heated and pressurized precisely for your AC to work. If there is not enough refrigerant or if some other component of your system fails causing your AC to work too hard, the compressor may overheat.

The compressor may also simply fail over time from extended use. If you notice unusual noises from your outdoor compressor unit, if your unit struggles to turn on, or if you notice reduced cooling in your home, these may all be signs of compressor damage. The best way to ensure that your compressor stays in working condition is by scheduling AC maintenance with a trained technician regularly.

If your compressor does run into problems, the best person to call is a trained technician who knows the ins and outs of your system. If you need air conditioning repair for your home in Apex, NC, call the professionals at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling.