Consider a Geothermal Water Heater

Geothermal power continues to grow as a green alternative energy source for homes. Installing geothermal loops in your property allow you to harness the stable heat of the Earth only 10 feet below the frost line and use it to power a heat pump for reliable cooling and heating throughout the year.

There’s another application for geothermal loops that you may not have considered: heating the water supply for your home. If you already have a geothermal heat pump installed, you can easily have it set up to also heat your water supply. And if you are considering installing a geothermal heat pump, you now have another advantage to add to the already long list of advantages of geothermal power.

Ideal Services Heating & Cooling handles many types of geothermal services. Contact us if you think a geothermal water heater is an option you wish to investigate. We’ve seen the many benefits of going geothermal in our more than 20 years of providing the greater Raleigh Triangle area with home comfort and commercial service.

Why Consider a Geothermal Water Heater

A geothermal water heater is a meeting between a standard storage (tank) water heater and a geothermal heat pump. Whether your heat pump is operating in cooling mode or heating mode doesn’t matter: it can still supply the energy necessary to the water tank to heat the water inside. The system does this through a part called the desuperheater, which draws hot gases from the heat pump’s compressor and moves it through the storage tank to add heat to the water. (These systems also can work with tankless water heaters, although they can experience some efficiency issues.)

There are two major advantages to using a geothermal water heater:

  1. Lower water heating costs: Essentially, all the advantages of a geothermal heat pump (energy efficient, don’t suffer because of extreme heat or cold) also apply to a geothermal water heater. Freeing yourself from either using natural gas or direct electrical heating for a water heater means you will spend much less each year for your hot water supply.
  2. Easy installation: Do you already have a storage water heater? Do you already have a geothermal heat pump? Then it is simple to add on the benefits of a geothermal-powered water heater. The installers merely have to fit the two systems with the desuperheater, and you’re done. If you don’t currently have a geothermal heat pump, you can include a water heater as part of the installation, getting two systems put in at the same time.

As an option for a water heater, going geothermal is a fantastic option. Make it part of a general shift to the stable, renewable, and cost-effective power of geothermal energy for your home. Call the geothermal specialists (919) 887-9680 at Ideal Services today to set up an appointment.

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