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Reasons to Install a Heat Pump

If you are ready to replace an old air conditioning system during the summer, why not opt for a heat pump instead? You may not have realized this was a viable option (the word “heat” can be a deceptive) but it’s one that we often recommend to our customers who are looking for a year-round way to keep their family comfortable.

Heat pumps do cost more than a standard standalone air conditioner, and that’s a reason that some customers shy away from making the change. However, we have a few reasons why you should give a heat pump in Fuquay Varina, NC some serious consideration for your new home comfort installation. To learn more about what’s involved in heat pump installation and whether it is the best option for your home, call up the company that’s heated and cooled the greater Raleigh Triangle Area for more than 20 years: Ideal Services Heating & Cooling.

Some of the Advantages a Heat Pump Can Bring You

  • Cooling and heating in one unit: This is the major reason that people become interested in heat pumps as a replacement for an air conditioner. You can retire your old AC and heating system at the same time, because a heat pump does both jobs. Using the same principles as an air conditioning (moving heat from one place to another), a heat pump can both remove heat from your house or bring heat into it. It only requires one change on the thermostat to shift from one mode to the other.
  • Efficient heating: A key part of the efficiency of a heat pump when in heating mode is that it does not burn fuel to create heat the way that other heating systems do. The heat pump instead uses electricity to power components the bring heat from outside: no fuel burning, and much less energy used. Studies have shown that a family can save 30% on their heating bills if they change from a furnace to a heat pump. (And of course they’re getting cooling as well.)
  • Safety: This is another important part about the heat pump in heating mode: it’s far safer than any gas or propane-powered heating system like a furnace or a boiler. Not only does the heat pump make no use of toxic gases or release dangerous exhaust, it also has no hot surfaces that children might accidentally touch. You will have few worries for your family’s safety with a heat pump working in the house.

See If a Heat Pump is Right for You

Not every home will benefit from having installation of a heat pump. Whether one works for you or not will depend on a number of factors like your insulation and long-term budget plans. However, you can always call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling for a professional opinion on the viability of a heat pump in Fuquay Varina, NC. Our air conditioner and heat pump specialists will be glad to answer all your questions and to handle the installation of whatever system you finally decide is best for you.