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3 Things to Prepare for with Water Heater Installation

If you have moved to a new home and need to install a new water heater, or if you are planning to replace an aging water heater with a new model, there are a few things you need to do to prepare so you will receive the best new system possible. Water heaters today come in a greater variety of models than they once did. But even though you have better choices now than you did ten or fifteen years ago, you also have a higher risk of making a mistake when have a new water heater put into your home. We’ll help you out with 3 important considerations for your new water heater installation in Apex, NC.

For over 20 years, Ideal Services Heating & Cooling has served the greater Raleigh Triangle Area with quality home comfort. We offer a range of options for water heaters, and our installation services will make sure that you have the right model working at its best.

3 Things to Help Prepare for Water Heater Installation

  • Hire professional installers: This is the most important step. You do not want to attempt to do the job yourself, or hire inexperienced amateurs who offer low prices—and low-quality work to match. This is especially crucial if you are having a natural gas-powered water heater installed, which can present serious health risks if put in incorrectly. Amateurs will also be little help in finding the right system to match your homes water usage needs.
  • Find out how much hot water you use: Speaking of which, you need to know what your home’s average daily hot water usage is. Estimate the number of people in your household and how many hot showers they take each day and for how long, how much cooking you do, how often you run the dishwasher and the laundry machine. All this information will help your installer figure out what type and size of water heater will provide you with hot water levels you need while saving money through efficient performance.
  • Decide on the model type you would like: The standard water heater that uses a storage tank is no longer your only option. You can also have a tankless system installed, which is more expensive but saves a tremendous amount of energy and never runs out of hot water. Another option is a geothermal water heater, which you can connect to a geothermal heat pump. Not every system will be right for you, so consult with your installer regarding the top choices and their advantages and disadvantages.

Get started with water heater installation in Apex, NC right now: contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling and speak to our water heater specialists. We will help you find the right model and size heater for the needs of your home and family.