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Do I Need Specialists for My Commercial Air Conditioning Repair?

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Try to imagine a summer inside your office, store, or wherever you run your business. You can hear the hum of the commercial AC working to keep everyone inside cooled down. Now, imagine that hum vanishing and the air conditioner shutting off, the airflow from the vents dying away or turning warm. The damp heat from outside starts to work its way through the walls and windows.

It isn’t an attractive vision of a workday, is it? But this can happen if you don’t have specialists in repairs for commercial air conditioning in Cary, NC assisting you.

When you need help with a malfunctioning commercial AC, don’t call up just anyone to tinker with the system. This task calls for experts trained in commercial HVAC. Call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling (919) 887-9680 , where we offer 24/7 emergency services that will take care of your company’s air conditioning woes.

Why You Need Specialists for This Work

Commercial air conditioning systems have some significant differences from residential ones, and they require specialized training when it comes to repair work. For one, these commercial air conditioners are more extensive and must see to the needs of numerous people. For another, they have different configurations; where most home air conditioners are split systems with interior and exterior cabinets, business air conditioners are “package” units that house the condenser and evaporator array in a single cabinet, usually placed up on the roof. Without proper training and experience, it is difficult for anyone who works on residential systems to repair problems with commercial systems.

There is also the issue of the zone control that most businesses use for air conditioning: a complex series of dampers in the ventilation system hooked up to multiple thermostats. These go far beyond home comfort controls in their complexity, and they need repairs much different from the ones for home systems.

Finally, you simply can’t risk your business’ comfort—an essential part of it running smoothly—to people who do not have the training that encompasses the job they need to do. Think of your own hiring practices, and how you make an effort to find employees with the capability to do the work at the level you need. Place those same expectations on the men and women you hire to guard your company’s environment.

Ideal Services Heating & Cooling has over 20 years of experience with commercial HVAC repair services in the greater Triangle Area. Don’t trust your commercial air conditioning or any other HVAC services to amateurs or companies that lack the years of hands-on work that he has. Make us your first call when the heat starts to hit hard and your AC is struggling to handle it.

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