Signs That You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

During a warm and humid summer in North Carolina, keeping your business cooled down with a commercial air conditioning system is a top priority. If your AC begins to falter or show signs that it is headed for a breakdown, you need to act fast and call a contractor who offers 24-hour emergency repair service for businesses. The same applies during the winter as well; you can’t afford to let an uncomfortable environment harm your company’s productivity.

Not all signs that you need repair for your commercial HVAC in Cary, NC will be as obvious as an air conditioner suddenly failing, however. Look for some of these more subtle signs that you need to call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling for repairs. The sooner you act, the more likely you can avoid more expensive repairs, and the less likely you will be caught by a sudden breakdown.

Indicators That It’s Time to Call for Commercial HVAC Repair

  • Extremely noisy operation: Most commercial HVAC systems are packaged units located on the rooftop, which helps remove the noise of the air conditioner and heater from the workspace. However, if you start to hear unusual sounds coming through the vents, such as mechanical grinding and screeching, or clanging and striking sounds like loose parts, then they are a strong caution sign that something is going wrong that needs immediate repair attention. When you hear employees mention odd and disruptive noises they haven’t heard before coming through the vents and ceilings, it’s something you should have investigated.
  • Strange smells from the vents: Although rotten vent odors can sometimes indicate animals have entered a building’s ductwork, the smell of acrid burning usually warns that the rooftop unit is experiencing trouble with it motors and they are burning out. It can also indicate a dust infestation inside the ventilation. Whatever the source, it isn’t something that should be occurring and you need to call for professional to see to the issue right away.
  • Uneven temperatures: Pay close attention to complaints from employees or customers/clients that rooms feel too hot or too cold. If adjusting the thermostats never seems to address these complaints, it may warn that the HVAC system is malfunctioning, or there are problems with the thermostat controls. A variety of issues could be at fault, so you will need experienced professionals to look into the trouble and find the best repair solution.

Only call for repairs from technicians with experience working in commercial HVAC in Cary, NC. You can trust to the skill of the Ideal Services Heating & Cooling commercial repair team. We’ve served the greater Raleigh Triangle Area for over 20 years now. Contact us today to set up an appointment with our team of qualified HVAC technicians.

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