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3 Distinct Characteristics of Commercial HVAC Systems

A commercial air conditioning system operates according to the same basic principles as residential systems – usually circulating refrigeration through a system that alternately expands and compresses it – but differs remarkably in specifics. Commercial systems need to support a much larger space than residential systems, as well as adjust to accommodate different businesses with different loads. Accordingly, commercial HVAC in Holly Springs, NC has a number of unique aspects, which require specialized skills to address. Here are 3 distinct characteristics of commercial HVAC systems.

  • Modular . Most commercial systems utilize multiple separate units, each sized the same and each contributing to the overall air conditioning needs of the building or office. The modular system allows building managers to add or subtract units as necessity demands, all without having to alter the larger structure of the systems.
  • Rooftop placement . Similarly, most commercial systems appear on the rooftops of their buildings. This is largely for reasons of space efficiency. Air conditioners need to vent hot air into the outdoors. Placing them inside means running cumbersome venting systems through the building, while putting them on the ground can take up space better used for parking and shipping concerns. Rooftop placement cuts through all that, and also allows repair technicians to reach them with a minimum of fuss and bother.
  • Durability . Along those lines, commercial air conditioning systems need to be able to withstand all manner of meteorological extremes, from high heat to snowstorms. Their units tend to be strongly built and comparatively simple, which makes them resistant to most anything Mother Nature can dream up. They need to be because of the rooftop placement: a spot that makes them vulnerable to the weather.

These distinct characteristics make for very different repair problems, and experts skilled at residential AC repair may not be able to deal with the problems of your commercial system. That’s why repairs for commercial HVAC in Apex, NC should be brought to the Ideal Services Heating & Cooling experts. We have the training and know-how to deal with the specific issues of these systems, and we’re dedicated to doing the job right the first time, every time. Give us a call today at (919) 205-0998 !