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How Air Conditioning Systems Dehumidify the Air

Outdoor central air unit

Humidity is as much an enemy to your comfort as heat, and while you can run all of the cool air you want in your home, high humidity levels will fight you every step of the way. The good news is that your air conditioner also dehumidifies the air, though the process is somewhat incidental and can’t match a whole-house dehumidifier (which operates according to the same basic principles). Air conditioning in Cary NC often has to treat humidity, since our summers can get quite muggy, but that doesn’t explain the process involved. Here’s a quick rundown on how air conditioning systems dehumidify the air.

High humidity means air with a lot of moisture content, which interferes with our body’s natural ability to cool off. We sweat and as the sweat evaporates, it lowers our body temperature. But if there’s too much moisture in the air, our sweat won’t evaporate, and we’re just left drenched and hot.

The air conditioner counteracts this with a little help from the laws of nature. When the temperature of the air cools down, so too does the moisture in the air revert from a gaseous state to a liquid state his is the reason why dew forms in the early hours of the morning, when temperatures are comparatively low. In the air conditioner’s case, the process takes place near the evaporator coils, where the air is cooled by refrigerant. As the air cools, the moisture doneness onto the coils, dehumidifying it. The blower fan then sends the cool air into your home, with the added bonus of it being drier to boot. The moisture is collected in a condensate pan and safely drained out of your AC.

The only downside to this equation comes when the humidity is so high that it overwhelms the condensate pan. In those cases, you can use the services of a whole-house dehumidifier to keep your AC unit on an even keel. But whatever your circumstances, it pays to have experts like the ones at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling on your side. We handle all kinds of issues related to air conditioning and we know how air conditioning systems dehumidify the air. Give us a call today Energy Savers for a consulting session today and let’s talk about your options!