3 Problems Created by a Faulty Air Conditioning Fan

A central air conditioning system in a home contains two fans necessary for the unit to operate. Housed inside the indoor unit is the blower fan, which is usually located at the base of the cabinet. This fan draws in air through the return vents and then sends it across the evaporator coil, where the action of evaporation draws heat from it. The now-cooled air continues into the ventilation shafts and eventually exits the vents into the living spaces. The outdoor condensing unit houses the second fan. This fan draws outside air to run across the condensing coil, releasing heat. It then vents this heat out the top of the unit and outside.

All the components of an air conditioner must remain in top working condition for the AC to function effectively and efficiently, and these fans are no exception. If your air conditioner encounters trouble because of faults with the fans, do not attempt to repair the problem yourself. Leave the cabinets closed and call Ideal Services Heating & Cooling for professional air conditioning repair in Holly Springs, NC.

Troubles From Faulty AC Fans

  • Reduced or no air circulation: If the fan problem (failed blower motor, faulty electrical relay, etc.) occurs in the indoor blower unit—a.k.a. the air handler—then air will not circulate properly through the house. If you notice a drop in the airflow coming from the vents, then it’s likely that the indoor fan needs repairs.
  • The AC blows only warm air: If the airflow from the vents feels normal but the air is warm instead of cold, then the problem may be with the outdoor fan. (The compressor could also be at fault.) If the outdoor fan slows down or stops running entirely, the outdoor condenser unit will not be able to release heat. This will stop the heat exchange cycle; without the ability to vent heat to the outside, the indoor unit will not be able to absorb heat.
  • Internal damage: If the fans suffer from bent blades due to debris entering the cabinet, the misaligned blades can easily begin to strike the outside of the casing. This will not only further damage the blade, but it will damage the casing and impair the unit. It will also create an unpleasant sound—which at least it serves as a good warning that something is wrong.

Call Professionals to Diagnose and Repair the Problem

Fan troubles can arise because of different issues, such as mechanical malfunctions and electrical trouble. Unless you have the proper training, it’s almost impossible to troubleshoot the problems on your own. Call for HVAC professionals to investigate and find the cause of the problem and a solution for it.

Ideal Services Heating & Cooling has 24-hour emergency service for whenever you require air conditioning services in Holly Springs, NC. From fans to compressors to thermostats, we can fix the problem. Contact us today to schedule your next AC repair.

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