Benefits of Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

hybrid heating system unit on the outside of a home

Most people think of air conditioning systems as centralized units: one big air conditioner that blows cool air through a series of ducts into the various rooms of your home. They remain the staple of air conditioning in this area, but you might consider an alternative option as well. Namely, ductless air conditioning systems, which divide your home into multiple sections each cooled by a small individual unit. Air conditioning repair services can usually install a ductless system for you, though the initial cost may be higher than it would for a normal centralized system. Thankfully, the benefits of ductless air conditioning are usually more than enough to justify such an expense.

In the first place, ductless systems offer improved individual control over different parts of your house. For example, say you’re cooking in the kitchen and want to turn the AC up to counteract the heat from the stove. Another member of the household is reading or playing video games in the living room, and likes the temperature just where it is. A ductless mini-split system lets you both have what you want. With a centralized system, one or the other of you would need to accept an uncomfortable temperature, since it all comes from the same source.

That can also translate to serious savings on your monthly heating bills. You can simply leave their air conditioner off in sections of the home you aren’t using while turning it on in whatever section of the house you happen to be occupying. You’re cooling less space and using less energy without sacrificing the comfortable temperatures you expect. The monthly savings over time can be considerable, even enough to cover the cost of installation in some cases.

All of that comes on top of the most obvious advantage: providing reliable air conditioning in a home that, for whatever reason, can’t support a traditional ducted system. If you’d like to take advantage of the benefits of a ductless air conditioning system, contact Ideal Services Heating & Cooling to help. Air conditioning services include installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance, and we won’t rest until you are completely satisfied. Give us a call (919) 887-9680 to make an appointment today!

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