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Gas Furnace Problems That Can Be Dangerous

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The title of this post may sound a touch scary. Let us assure you that dangerous problems from gas furnace malfunctions are rare. Today’s manufacturers of gas-powered furnaces take great precautions to maintain safety and equip their systems with fail-safes to minimize the danger.

However, you need to be aware of possible problems that can sometimes occur in natural gas furnaces—especially units that don’t receive proper maintenance—so you will know when to act to stop potential health risks. In this post, we’ll explain some issues that can lead to danger in your gas furnace. Call for professional help to deal with these problems. For gas furnace repair in Holly Springs, NC , contact Ideal Services for all your heating and cooling service needs. We deliver swift and effective service to keep you and your family safe.

Potentially hazardous gas furnace problems

  • Cracked heat exchangers: Heat exchangers are metal chambers that transfer the heat of combustion gas to the air. If corrosion affects the exchangers (which can occur because of age or improper venting), they can develop cracks. Cracks will allow carbon monoxide exhaust gas to escape into the cabinet and possibly your living spaces. Carbon monoxide is colorless, odorless… and also toxic and highly combustible. If you hear clicking or rattling noises from your furnace, call for repairs, since it might be heat exchanger issues.
  • Failed thermocoupler: The thermocouple detects if the pilot light of your furnace is lit, and will shut off the gas line if the pilot goes out unexpectedly. This prevents unburned gas from flooding the combustion chamber. If the thermocouple fails, the gas build-up can turn into an explosion hazard. Regular maintenance will prevent this by installing a new thermocouple if the old one seems on the verge of failing.
  • Poor venting in exhaust flue: The exhaust flue is the “chimney” of a gas furnace, removing the exhaust fumes to the outside. If the exhaust flue become blocked or damaged (such as a problem with its damper), exhaust fumes will begin to flood back into the cabinet, leading to a danger of fire and explosion.

You must have professionals perform gas-related repairs

Because carbon monoxide is difficult to detect, you should have CO detectors in your home to warn you that something might be wrong with your furnace. Strange noises and developing corrosion can also signal you about potentially hazardous issues with your heater. Don’t try to investigate on your own; you should never tamper with gas lines. This work requires specialists who will apply the necessary repairs and keep you safe at the same time.

For over 20 years, Ideal Services Heating & Cooling has helped Holly Springs, NC with gas furnace repair. We are ready to come to your assistance, 24/7.