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What is Radiant Heat and How Does it Work?

Here in Holly Springs, NC, heating systems have moved beyond the traditional forced air furnaces we’re all used to seeing. Homeowners now have a wide variety of options to choose from, many of which offer distinct advantages over forced air systems. Among them is radiant heating, which uses electric coils or tubes of hot water in your floors to provide heat for your rooms. What is radiant heating and how does it work? Read on for the answers.

The term “radiant heat” is another way of saying thermal radiation, which is the energy generated by higher temperatures. When you put your hand near a light bulb and feel the warmth from it, that’s radiant heat. A radiant heating system uses the apparatus in the floor to send thermal energy up into the room. It passes into the furniture, the rugs, and even the feet of the people in the room: delivering heat to them directly instead of just blowing hot air through the room.

There are several tangible advantages to this. In the first place, radiant heating is much more efficient than forced air heat. It loses very little in the blown air and thus can warm your house without using nearly as much energy. Because here are fewer moving parts, repairs tend to be much less expensive as well, which offsets the increased cost of installing a radiant heating system. In addition, the lack of blown air means that the system is quieter and cleaner, since there’s no dust getting blown through the vents to lower the quality of the air. It also means no cold spots or uneven heating, since the system warms the entire room or household with equal strength. Finally, a radiant heating system can often improve the resale value of your home, further offsetting the cost of installation.

If you still have questions along the lines of “what is radiant heating and how does it work?” contact the experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling for advice. We offer heating services to Holly Springs, NC; you can count on us to provide sound consultation before installing your new heating system. Pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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