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What Causes My Heater to Blow Cool Air?

Heating repair in Fuquay Varina, NC is quite the common thing. Our winters can get fairly cold and when your heater isn’t functioning as it should, it can have a huge impact on your family’s comfort levels. In particular, if your heater isn’t blowing hot air, there’s usually a considerable problem, something that needs the attention of a qualified service technician. “ What causes my heater to blow hot air? ” you ask. A list of possible answers can be found below.

  • The heater may be out of fuel. If your heater runs on propane or the like, it may be out of fuel. In some cases, the furnace will need to be reset once you’ve replaced the fuel cell. If you have an older furnace, the pilot light might have gone out, in which case you should shut the furnace off immediately. (Newer models have safety features that automatically shut the furnace off in the event the pilot light goes out.)
  • The gas valve may be shut off. This can happen if the valve is turned off to provide heat, or may shut off automatically in the event of a malfunction.  Depending on the furnace, the fan may still blow in such an instance, delivering cool air instead of warm air. A trained service technician can help you reset the gas valve and return the heater to full functionality.
  • Replace the filter. A dirty air filter can cause a large number of problems, including restricting the air flow. Replace your filter often and have a qualified repair technician perform a routine maintenance session before each heating season begins in earnest. Not only will this help prevent these kinds of problems, but it will help your heater run more efficiently and cut down on your monthly bills.

If you’re asking “ why does my heater to blow cool air? ” contact the experts at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling. We specialize in Fuquay Varina NC heating repair and can put your furnace back in tip-top shape with professionalism and efficiency. Pick up the phone to make an appointment today.