What Is Causing My Heater to Make So Much Noise?

Cary NC, heating repair issues come in all shapes and sizes. Home owners learn to spot early signs of problems, so they can call in a repair service quickly and keep their heater operating smoothly. Abnormal sounds are a key sign that something is wrong with your heater. “What is causing my heater to make so much noise?” you ask. The answers vary, but can go a long way towards pinpointing the source of problems with your heater.

Common sounds include a buzzing noise or a high-pitched hum, which can stem from the fan motor or similar device. When the motor overloads, it might emit such a noise as a precursor to shutting down entirely. Buzzing noises can also be caused by connector problems and similar electrical issues, which may preclude the circuit breaker being tripped.

The heater’s blower fan may be a source of “bad noise” as well. Of most concern is a grinding or scraping noise, which indicates that the fan has either come loose from its housings or is suffering from a bent blade. Either way, it’s now grinding against other components in the heater, and you need to shut the system off before it causes any further damage.

A rattling or shaking sound probably means something has come loose like a screw or similar small component and is now rattling around inside the unit. In and of itself, it might not cause damage, but it needs to be retrieved before it can interfere with an existing component.

Finally, learning to listen for a whistling or vibrating noise, like the sound of air escaping. It’s possible that either the heater or the duct system has developed a leak, costing you energy and heat for as long as it’s left unattended.

Regardless of what’s causing your heater to make so much noise, the response should be the same: turn off the unit and summon a service technician for help. In Cary NC, heating repair service is provided by Ideal Services Heating & Cooling. We can hunt down the cause of the problem and make swift repairs, getting your heater back up to speed in no time. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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