Which Type of Heating System is Right for My Home?

Heating in Durham NC used to involve fairly limited options: gas furnaces that relied on simple technology.  They still see use today in many homes, but modern systems offer all kinds of new options for 21st century homeowners. “Which type of heating system is right for my home?” you ask. It depends on the home, but it always helps to educate yourself about the choices available. A brief rundown of your options appears below.

  • Gas furnaces. Furnaces typically rely on gas, which is lit in a combustion chamber and heats the nearby air. That air is then blown into your home through a system of ducts, gradually raising the temperature. Gas furnaces see a lot of use because they are a reliable technology and cost less to install than other types of heating. If you care to, you can learn more about what to expect with a furnace installation.
  • Heat pumps. These combine the features of a heater and an air conditioner: cooling the air in the summer and then warming it in the winter through the same unit. The convenience is nice and heat pumps tend to use much less energy than traditional furnaces. They’re also ideal for climates with mild winters, like here in the Raleigh Triangle area. The downside is that the initial cost of installment is higher than with gas furnaces. (You can combine heat pumps with a second electric heater to form a hybrid system to handle particularly cold days.) Read more about heat pumps, or call us for further information.
  • Radiant heating units. Radiant heating systems use tubes filled with heated water running through the floors of your home. The water warms the surfaces of your home directly, which eliminates the need for ducts and prevents the wasted energy of cold spots and drafts that gas furnaces suffer from. They also cost less to run from month to month. Installation can be quite extensive, however: requiring major alteration to the floors in your home.

So which type of heating system is right for your home. The experts at Ideal Services can help you find the answer. Our trained technicians have years of experience handling questions about heating systems in Durham, NC, and we can plan a quality installation for whichever system fits your circumstances the best. Pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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