Types of Heating Systems You May Like Best

There are more heating systems available to homeowners today than ever before. This has one drawback: picking the right one for you becomes much harder.

It doesn’t have to be this way, however. With advice from a company like Ideal Services Heating & Cooling, getting the best heating in Durham, NC can be painless. Here are three excellent heating system options that we install that we think you might like:

Heat pumps

The great news about heat pumps is that they solve two problems at the same time: heating and cooling. A heat pump runs similar to an air conditioner, using electrical power to shift heat from one place to another. However, a heat pump can switch the direction of the exchange, so instead of removing heat from the indoors, it removes it from the outdoors and brings it inside. Although they don’t have the same level of heating power as furnaces or boilers, heat pumps will work well with most North Carolina winters.

Radiant heating

The concept of radiant heating is very old: using the warmth generated from a hot object. But today’s radiant heating systems, which use hydronic or electrical power to heat up floors, is among the most advanced and efficient types of heating systems available. They don’t use air ducts, so they don’t negatively impact air quality. They use less energy than furnaces and operate quietly. Radiant heating is especially attractive if you are planning to build a home, since they can be installed along with your floors.

Dual fuel hybrid heating

We mentioned that a drawback of heat pumps is that they have lower heating ability than other systems. But a hybrid heating system solves this issue: a heat pump handles most of your heating (and cooling) needs, but when the temperature drops too low for the heat pump, a second system such as a furnace will come in to compensate. You’ll end up using the heat pump most of the time, saving you from extra expenses and repairs on the backup system—and you should be capable of handling any harsh weather.

Choosing a heating system is more complicated than simply picking out the one that sounds best and calling someone to install it. You need to weigh many factors in your home to ensure that the heater you get will work effectively for you. For this, you need to bring in HVAC experts from the beginning.

If you want top quality help with heating in Durham, NC, turn to Ideal Services Heating & Cooling. We won’t leave any part of the installation process to chance, which means you’ll get a heating system that does everything you need from it.

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