Which Type of Air Conditioning System is Right for My Home?

There is a large range of air conditioning systems available for homeowners. Finding the one that is right for your home can be tough. Here at Ideal Services Heating and Cooling we wanted to help with the process by putting together a quick explanation of how you can determine which system is right for your home. Give us a call if you need any kind of Cary, NC air conditioning installation, replacement or repair.

Cary, NC Air Conditioning Tip: How to Find the Right Air Conditioning System

If your air conditioning system has stopped working, or if you’re moving into a new home that needs a new AC system, here’s a few things to think about that could help you decide which system is right for you.

  • The right size – One of the first things that you need to consider is the size of the new system. We don’t mean the physical dimensions of the system but rather its cooling output. If you get an air conditioning system that is too large or too small it won’t work well and it will likely cause big problems for your home’s efficiency and comfort.
  • Type of system – The type of AC system that you get will largely depend on the style of home you have, the amount of property you’re on and your energy usage goals. If you want to get anything other than a traditional, central AC system then you’re moving into the realm of heat pumps which provide both heating and cooling. If your home is older and doesn’t have space for ducts then you could go with a high velocity system or a ductless mini split system. These are also great for home additions because they can be installed separate from the main home’s air conditioning system. If you want to keep your furnace, there are hybrid systems that combine a heat pump with a furnace.
  • Call a professional contractor – Probably the best thing that you can do for the efficiency and comfort of your home is to have your new AC system installed by a professional.  Not only will the process get done a lot faster but the quality of installation will be very high. Plus, when you work with the experts at Ideal Services Heating and Cooling we will perform all of the necessary calculations to help you determine exactly what size of air conditioning system you need in your home.

Call us here at Ideal Services Heating and Cooling today for all your Cary, NC air conditioning installation and replacement needs.

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