Why Is My Air Conditioning So Loud?

It’s always nice to come home on a hot summer day to a nice, cool home. But if your AC has started to operate at a much louder volume then your home might be cool but it may not be comfortable because of the racket from your AC. Here at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling we offer quality Holly Springs air conditioning services and we often get calls from our customers about their AC making loud noises. Read on below to find out what might be causing this issue and then give us a call for repair services.

What Causes My AC to Make Loud Noises?

If your AC has started to make any new noises or if it just operating at a much louder volume then you should turn it off immediately and call for Holly Springs air conditioning repair services. Here are a couple things that might be causing this.

  • Fan Motors – Your air conditioning system has two different fans in that both require motors in order to operate. There is one fan on the AC unit located in your home and one in the outdoor condensing unit. If you hear squealing then it likely means that the fan belt is worn out and needs replacement. Rattling noises could mean that the fan motor bearings need replacing or lubrication. If you have a clogged air filter in your AC system then the indoor van motor might start working loudly in order to pull air through the clog.
  • Compressor motor – Your air conditioning system also has a compressor in it that uses a motor. This motor could start to operate at a louder volume—especially if you have low refrigerant. Also, if the motor’s capacitor isn’t working well then you might hear a buzzing noise as the motor tries to turn on by itself.
  • Leaks – Your air conditioning system circulates a compressed refrigerant in order to remove heat from your home. A very common problem that we get called to repair is refrigerant leaks. If you hear hissing coming from your air conditioner it likely means that you have a leak and you need to call for immediate repair.

When you need Holly Springs air conditioning repair services the technicians at Ideal Services Heating & Cooling are ready to help you out.

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